7 Powerful Foods for Fabulous Skin

We want to continue to curate your kitchen to be one of the best sources for keeping your skin in its best condition. Granted our products are considerably one of the best ways to do so, we also want to be sure to provide diet information that can also go a long way. See below for a list of some random goods that pack a punch in the fight against keeping your skin in its most  gorgeous condition.

photo cred: http://tinkerbell2477.tumblr.com

  1. Almonds-This vitamin E brightens and livens up your skin by neutralizing free radicals—molecules that dull your look. In addition, almonds’ fatty acids also make you gleam.
  2. Apricots-This vibrant fruit throws wrinkles into reverse. The vitamin A found in this gem is converted by our bodies to retinol, a compound that helps produce new cells.
  3. Sunflower oil-Even well-hydrated skin can look cracked without this unique oil’s linoleic acid—a  fatty acid that helps create a lax outer layer of cells. Even consider sautéing or baking with it for a baby-smooth complexion.
  4. Whole-wheat bread-The niacin found in whole grains can reduce any redness from acne, rosacea and other skin irritant inducers, and all by its power to inhibit  inflammatory agents.
  5. Salmon-Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, salmon’s healthy fat  hydrates dry patches, and may also help increase the production of collagen and elastin, two essentials for soft, no-flake skin.
  6. Crab-One of our most interesting picks, crab has much to offer—especially with it’s zinc. Crab zinc helps reduce inflammation to decrease any pimple-making damages.
  7. Oranges– The banisher of bags, vitamin C is highly potent in this delicious fruit. Not only does it provide a scent that refreshes, it also strengthens collagen too—which aids the skin’s supportive structure thus lifting sunken areas that create shadows.

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