A Tribute to our Artist – Lucas Risé

283523_10150275020493672_4787958_nI have always had an attraction to South American style and art, which is why I so enjoyed working with Argentinean artist, Lucas Risé, on the design of our art work and logo. It is evident from his creations that, as he says, he views the world through colors. Painting signs and murals in Buenos Aires since a very young age, Risé focuses on art that interacts with its surrounding environment. He has designed vibrant textile patterns and has an impressive commercial portfolio, but his true passion lies in dimensional art.

PHOTOS-1During his adolescence he painted street signs, his first incursion in painting. He studied Graphic Design in the Design and Urbanism School of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His unique style matured during his travels and experiences in South America, Africa, the United State and Europe. Painting street signs and murals in Buenos Aires since the age of 12, Risé focuses on art that interacts, that transforms from different angles to become a universe of its’ own. His dimensional art has been featured in publications and capitals the world. In 2006 he was a finalist in the prestigious National Art Awards (Buenos Aires) for a functional sculpture featuring 20,000 individually painted pieces and belongs to numerous international private collections.

His signature “Sans Parapluie, in French means without an umbrella, was inspired by his 3 year-trip around different countries. You will find it written inside all of his custom cabinets

Click here to view his website and the many publications that have featured his innovative work. Pay special attention to the vibrant color he uses. Thank you for your inspiration, Lucas.

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