Prettyology + January Labs

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This week, we want to shift our direction a bit on our blog and want to start spotlighting those who inspire us and encourage our aim to provide healthy and refined skincare that betters the whole self! And we want to kick it off with Julie Michaud Prettyology

A prime example of a likeminded brand to January Labs, Julie Michaud Prettyology has brought upon us great excitement. It’s an honor to share with our readers that we are teaming up with them! More on how, but first, who are they exactly?

Julie Michaud Prettyology’s function and embodiment is a kin to a beauty lab, whose motto of the sorts is simply, “Beauty should be fun and every woman should feel confident in her own skin.” And we agree. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, this is a refreshing brand that craves to educate and provide for women a place to learn about good products and beauty care, it’s only natural such two entities combined forces; a true and good partnership and we are so excited to debut our signature facial that has been customized for them by their lead esthetician Jennifer Chioccariello. This will also be their first gluten-free line too!

This is definitely shareable news so be sure to spread the love and share the knowledge. Until then, we will leave you with founder Julie Michaud’s words of inspiration and the true heart of Julie Michaud Prettyology.  

Pretty is empowering. Pretty makes you stand a little taller. Pretty is like an invisible tiara on your head that reminds you that you are someone special.



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