Tea Time

Many of you are coffee drinkers, which I can appreciate but my mornings are usually somewhere in the outdoors, doing anything active followed by an unwinding meets energy-inducing cup of tea. Ever since I could remember, I was a cup of tea over Joe kind of girl and over time I’ve been able to also find and experience the benefits tea itself provides, besides its preferred flavor.

Granted there are a multitude of different kinds of teas, but the kind that may be most beneficial (and favored by yours truly) is green tea. Not only does this tea do a powerful job at relaxing you, it’s also jam-packed with inflammation-fighting antioxidants all the while reducing risk of skin cancer. A trick to ensuring the power of green tea is boosted and even lasts longer is to add a squeeze or three of citrus!

If you happen to be an avid tea drinker (or if you’re not) the tea bags itself can be of use even when it’s done being used for your steaming mug. A way to help reduce puffiness of the eyes is to chill damp tea bags in the fridge and then lay them on for about 10–15 minutes. Green tea contains tannins, which act as an astringent when applied to skin, which helps the eyes.

I’ll be sure to touch on the other pros when it comes to other kinds of teas, but for now this is my schpeel on the green. But if anything, the benefit of having a cup of tea undoubtedly forces us to slow our days down and to take a moment to rest—to just be. In the long run, this above many other things is better for our health, and yes, most likely good for our skin too.


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