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Q & A with Djuna Bel

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Q & A with Djuna Bel

There’s something about the lure of always “looking put together.” And though our daily beauty routines are valuable and necessary, we can’t deny our aesthetic is important and a perfectly curated outfit can go a long way. And when you can look as good as you strive to feel on the inside, why not shoot for the stars--and with style? Djuna Bel does just that. Known for commercial and editorial styling, Bel is not only a stylist but an image-bearer of what cool must have looked like both decades ago and simultaneously today. There’s a slight modern nostalgia to her personal style and work (see her IG if you don’t believe us) and it’s hard not to be left with a lasting impression when you come across anything she presents. And as she continues such an imprint in one world, she begins an entirely new one with motherhood. We got the chance to have a chat and ask some questions on all things health, beauty, pregnancy and well a  little bit of fashion too, of course.

January Olds: What does taking care of yourself look like for you today?

Djuna Bel: Making sure I remember to eat things that aren't toast. Taking some time to meditate, rest or exercise so I don't let my mind or body become too stagnant.

JO: You are someone I know who values health and your well-being, what has been the biggest shift in your routine while pregnant?

DB: I think the biggest task has been not to shift things too much.  I think it's healthy to keep living like you did pre-pregnancy (maybe a little more cautious about what you put in on or your body).

JO: What’s the strangest remedy or beauty advice you’ve been given recently? Any of them work?

DB: I will try just about any beauty remedy so this is not strange in comparison - but I have been taking collagen protein every morning and it's actually helped the elasticity of my skin. I am a huge steam and ice bath fan which I can't do now that i am pregnant. I make sure to see my lymphatic facialist (Anna at Ricari Salon in LA) on the regular - she does amazing body treatments that keep things flowing in my body so i don't swell. *total pregnancy tip!

JO: What are a few things in your beauty cabinet that will never ever leave your side?

DB: I'm pretty obsessed with Biologique p50, but it's off limits for a while. January labs Retexturizing Night Cream is my new fave and I am a huge fan of Egyptian Magic and sheet masks when I fly.

JO: Diet can be tricky for women in general, and when you’re pregnant it seems different things may affect women differently--what has been something you’ve felt benefiting to your health diet wise while pregnant?

DB: I think a lot has to do with listening to your body. I have been feeling amazing - but I also have been seeing a nurtitionist who works with Standard Process vitamins and I have been taking flouradix iron (which I have taken off and on since I was a child). I've had a ton of energy and my vitals are great. I have also cooked a lot at home and make sure i have been using organic products as much as possible and trying to not eat too much sugar (but I am also big on moderation - and I love dessert).

JO: Also, weirdest craving you’ve had? (No judgement ;)

DB: I can't get enough bone broth or pickles. But there was also a big obsession with croissants for a second.

JO: What was the most interesting piece of information you’ve learned about health while pregnant that you would want other women to know?

DB: Don't stress too much.  Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. Enjoy yourself, listen to your body and everything will work out as it's meant to.

JO: Pregnancy is an actual shift both physically and emotionally, etc. What helps you feel beautiful?

DB: Honestly, having the support of an amazing partner and a strong community around me has given me tremendous confidence.  It's totally bizarre to look in the mirror and not recognize your own body or to feel more sensitive, emotional or more helpless. I feel strong and beautiful because my loved ones remind me that I am strong, beautiful and powerful.
JO: I LOVE that!!!

JO: Favorite exercise to do currently? Why?

DB: I'm a big fan of Lagree pilates and hiking. Any excuse to go into nature never feels like exercise.

JO: What is one item in your closet that makes you feel like a million bucks?

DB: Right now I am way more interested in comfort.  The more comfortable I am the sexier I feel. I have been in love with a few Doen pieces, Solid and Striped cover ups, slip dresses and Realisation Par wrap dresses.

JO: As a stylist, we have to ask, what’s one thing you can vow your babe will be definitely sporting?

DB: I have a drawer of vintage overalls and a friend just gave us the best mini LA Kings bomber which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

JO: As a soon to be mama what excites you the most?

DB: The unknown. I'm super excited to get to know this little babe I am cooking. I also love watching my boyfriend turn into the best dad in the world.

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