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Our Promise

January Labs — Skincare for healthy, glowing skin.

All of our products are formulated to provide the greatest restorative, protective and strengthening benefits so your skin has the best conditions to regenerate and reveal its healthiest glow. Our hardworking performance products are developed to lock in moisture and nutrients and shield your skin from harmful elements.

We believe that ‘less is more’ in a skincare routine and when you have high performing formulations, you’ll see and love the results without sabotaging your skin with unnecessary ingredients, products or a time consuming process that is difficult to stick to.

All of our products utilize active ingredient combinations and formulations that work together to achieve maximum results so you will quickly notice and feel that your skin glows and is smoother, clearer, more hydrated and balanced.


Our Approach

January Labs takes the same approach to skincare blends as those used in fine cooking recipes: each individual ingredient plays a pivotal role in the finished product and each must enhance and support the others.

But knowing which ingredients work best together and which do not is much more obvious in food than it is in skincare! If the ingredients in food do not work well together, the food does not taste good. In skincare, if the ingredients are not harmonious, at worst there could be a skin reaction, or no reaction – or benefit – at all. 

January Labs meticulously analyzes and formulates every “recipe” to ensure that every product is in the proper and most nurturing environment to perform at their highest capacity.