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Acne free after a decade struggling with breakouts

Posted by january olds on

before and after acne transformation

Emma's Review:

I've always struggled with adult acne. I've tried all the lotions + potions and nothing ever worked for me. I even went on medication from my doctor, I changed lifestyle habits and STILL nothing worked.

My self esteem and confidence started to really hit rock bottom and I couldn't leave the house without wearing a lot of makeup to try and cover my cystic, painful acne.

Finding January Labs products did nothing short of changing my life.

That might sound dramatic but if you've had severe adult acne before and then find something that ACTUALLY works - you'll get what I mean.

My absolute must have, would take to a desert island products would have to be the Day and Night Duo. The Day Cream smells HEAVENLY and wakes my skin up in the morning, and the night cream cocoons my skin in a cloud of lush hydration.

The Triple Active Reclaiming Serum not only helps my skin to look super dewy and healthy but has helped with breakouts and pigmentation too - which is great because normally my skin is too sensitive for Retinol products!

I'm so grateful to have found skincare that is clean, actually works and affordable too! I literally tell everyone I've ever met to try it.

If you have sensitive, acne prone or just dull skin - please try January Labs out you won't regret it!

This is my #1 favourite skincare brand, and I've tried nearly all of them.

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