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Q & A with TyLynn Nguyen

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Q & A with TyLynn Nguyen

Beauty and strength are the parts of a woman that create a powerful one. It’s the kind of woman I hope to embody and also the kind of woman who also greatly influences me. When I learned of TyLynn Nguyen, I was drawn to her story instantly and how she has transitioned from diverse yet relevant industries and doing so both seamlessly and successfully. It’s easy to see her effect in such female-focused industries. First her modeling career and now design, fashion and lingerie--to be specific. Having been coined the woman who brought “sexy back” through her refreshed approach of the importance of the slip dress and with attention from Vogue and a plethora of today’s present-day top models, Nguyen has definitely caught our attention and we got to ask her a few questions to learn just a little more.


January Olds: When you were younger, who inspired you most?

TyLynn Nguyen: My mother inspired me most as a child. Her style, make-up, jewelry... all of it used to create these lavish fantasies in my mind about what glamour was. She was in the army so she had this incredible juxtaposition in personality I really love.

JO: What inspires you now, why?

TN: Time to myself. I cherish this time because I have so much creative energy running in my veins, I need to sit still and absorb it. I have a child like imagination and because of past experiences I have to honor how I channel this energy.

JO: Describe what beauty is to you?

TN: Beauty is God’s promises. Beauty is my children’s laughter. Beauty is my husband kissing me on my neck. Beauty is pure expressions of love.

JO: What makes you feel beautiful?

TN: Sexy lingerie, my attitude towards myself, and a spiritual moment with my husband. I always go to those places when I’m feeling less than what I know I am.



JO: What was one of the most transformative memories for you in the last decade? And in the last year?

TN: My most transformative memory was the year 2015. I was pregnant with my 2nd child and wasn’t in love with my job at the time. I was a model. I sat down at my sewing machine and asked God for guidance. I went to school for Fashion Design and I heard a strong “Remember. This is why you went to school.” I started sewing and created my first bra and panty samples for my line. Greatest time of my life.

This year my most transformative memories have been getting pregnant with my 3rd child and my Paris trip to show my SS18 collection. I’m really excited for all that is to come. And grateful for the ups and downs I’ve experienced thus far.

JO: What is your morning routine?

TN: I wake up, kiss my husband, wash my face, brush my teeth, get back in bed and wait for my kids to run into our room (usually around 6am), get back up, get dressed, get the kids dressed and teeth brushed, make breakfast, pack lunch, take the kids to school, then head into my office. I love the morning. I feel like these are the routines my children will remember the most.

JO: Do you have a product you never leave the house without using?

TN: La Prairie duo. It’s sunscreen and night cream. I use the sunscreen every day. I also use your mask 2x a week to refresh my skin.

JO: Three items in your purse that you could not live without.

TN: Cocokind olive oil stick for my lips, my new fragrance oil (coming soon), and my Saint Laurent glasses

JO: As a designer, where do you look to for inspiration?

TN: The 90s supermodels, literally all of them.

JO: What other designers influence you?

TN: I take so many design influences from my own experiences...it is hard to pin point designers that I am influenced by. In general women I am influenced by are Princess Grace Kelly, Carine Roitfeld, Jackie Kennedy, Caroline Bassett, Madonna, Joan Mitchell, to name a few.

JO: How do you want women to feel in your designs?

TN: I want women to feel empowered, regal, and sexy in my designs.


JO: With a growing family, how do you find balance and productivity?

TN: No idea, I just do it.

JO: What do you want to teach your children when it comes to success.

TN: I want them to define success on their own terms. Connectivity and peace of mind are my definition of success but it could be completely different for them. As long as they can truly say they are happy, that is what I hope to teach them.

JO: What have you considered a hard lesson to learn?

TN: Not everyone is going to like me and that’s actually a good thing. You need opposition to grow.

JO: What brings you joy?

TN: My family. Anything and everything is for them. So grateful for the life God has given me.

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