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Caroline Hiron's, 'The Queen of Skincare' Launches Summer Kit

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If you're one of the lucky skincare 'freaks' that have been able to get your hands on a CH Skincare Kit, you know that it's like the frenzy of getting concert tickets before they sell out. Caroline Hiron's, known as the Queen of Skincare, has curated highly anticipated skin kits that combine expertly formulated products designed to be both accessible and compatible.
The new Summer Skin Kit, launched on August 20th, features Caroline's favorites from Votary, Medik8, January Labs, Oskia, Sunday Riley, Kate Somerville, Summer Fridays and Chantecaille. While the kit sold out within hours, her 652k+ followers will hang on her every word in search of products and regimens that measure up to her standards.
As a part of the kit launch, Caroline spends time with each of the brand founders on Instagram to share more about each product and the founders behind them.

January Labs founder, January Olds, has often referred to Caroline as her 'skincare Oprah' because of the support she's given January Labs over the years. Caroline's endorsement has the independent skincare company gain both awareness and a cult following. For brands like January Labs, being selected to participate in one of Caroline's curated boxes is an acknowledgement that the formulations and products are on point.

Choosing skincare and finding the right regimen for skin concerns can often be intimidating and expensive. When Caroline selects products for her kits, you know they've been through an in-depth review and evaluation process. For Caroline's faithful following, they know they can count on her to tell it like it is – both good and bad (she doesn't tolerate the marketing mumbo jumbo that can make skincare so confusing). 

Caroline's best selling book, Skincare: The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide has won the Non-Fiction Lifestyle Book of the Year 2021 (British Book Awards) and was a long standing #1 on the Sunday Times bestseller list. In it, she lays out how to properly take care of your skin as well as what not to do. She also features brands and products that she has put her stamp of approval on. 

Several January Labs products have made their way to Caroline's radar; with Daily Brightening Tonic topping Caroline's 'Most Clicked' list, Restorative Tonic Mist landing on the pages of her book, Skincare and Moisture Balancing Lotion as the lovely plant based moisturizer.

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