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Q&A with Melissa Wood Health

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Q&A with Melissa Wood Health

Health and beauty are the moving forces behind January Labs so it is no surprise that when I learned about Melissa Wood I was thrilled to have a chance to speak with her. In an age where balance can feel seemingly impossible, there is a noticeable shift and an impressive can-do attitude when looking at (and getting to know) Melissa Wood. As a model turned certified health and wellness coach and new mother, the wide range of insight that poured out from this powerhouse of a woman felt natural, inspiring and incredibly sincere.

And while it’s clear Melissa’s mark into what feels like a lifestyle based on overall wellness, her mission has undoubtedly affected anyone who has come across her and her platform. Just hearing from her, one get’s the notion, nothing is impossible if you are connected to your truest self, which is your best self.

Below, learn even more as she shares with us some of her beauty must-haves, personal and professional inspirations in her life and how overall, she established space for women seeking to live their best and most whole lives and more importantly, how she equips such a mindset.

January Olds: How would you describe your style?

Melissa Wood: I would describe my style as sophisticated but comfy. In everything I wear, I always try to find comfort while looking put together.

JO: Do you have any daily rituals that you can't live without?

MW: Absolutely. 
- Reminding myself of what I'm grateful for in the morning 
- Reading my lesson in A Course In Miracles daily
- Meditation 
- Mornings with my kids 

JO: What are your must-have beauty products?

MW:I am a beauty product junkie. I moved to New York as a makeup artist and if you saw my bathroom, you would see there is no shortage of beauty products. I've been using your Daily Brightening Tonic for two months now and I couldn't imagine my life without this now. I turned my team on to this and they both love it. I use RMS Beauty products. I love the creamy, natural look that RMS Beauty gives. I also live for a really good mascara-- I love Dior Show. 

JO: What is your go-to workout?

MW: My go-to workout style is a yoga/ pilates style sequencing that I share on my Fitner App channel.

JO: You are literally the picture of health....what lead you to this line of work?

MW: That is so sweet- thank you so much. That means a lot to me. What lead me to this line of work was feeling the complete opposite of this almost all of my life. From struggling with acne, anxiety and an eating disorder, I finally decided to take a deeper look inside to see what was really going on with me.
JO: What has been the most exciting part of your career so far?

MW: Reading all the messages and feedback everyone gives me is by far the most exciting part. I literally cry reading some of the messages I receive about helping people change their life. I am constantly moved by the kindness people share both on my Instagram and especially with the re-launch of my website

JO: Who has been most inspirational to you in your work and life?

MW: My husband has really inspired me to get clear with myself and to spend less time talking about what I want to do, and more time doing it. I also don't go a week without either watching one of Marianne Williamson's lectures or reading from her books. She is a constant life inspiration for me. 

JO: What advice would you give to other women you wish someone would have told you?

MW: Spend less time going with the flow of the crowd, focus less on doing things just because your friends are. Try to avoid things that don't bring you pure joy and happiness. Simply put, be your own person.

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